Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just Me - A new development

Psalm 127:3 
Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward.

So when do you say, "We're really done."  My hubby and I have gone back and forth, forth and back about whether or not to have another child.

Welp, decision made, baby on the way. 

I am currently 12 weeks and feeling every bit the 'expecting' mother.  Sick, tormenting itchiness (one of the those extras that only a few women encounter), tired, and more.  At the same time, we are happy and awaiting the gender revealing in about 2 more months.  Also, we are wondering just how we will care for three children instead of just the two.  They certainly are a handful.  I mean, just last night Inky stepped on a metal piece of a branch of our Christmas tree as we were putting it together.  This morning Inky tried to get up from the floor and somehow spinned around and landed squarly on her chin - huge chin bruise.  Again I say, a handfull.  With one dedicated room for school, there are no more bedrooms to put the baby in.  Sigh.  No problem though, because the Lord will help us to make all those decisions when the baby comes.  Good sigh. 

I've already gained 15 lbs.  Bad sigh.  I generally gain about 60 lbs with my children (I did with each of my girls).  I remember telling myself, "NOT AGAIN!", when I was expecting my second child, but alas, the 60 lbs came on just the same.  The trend is following suit this time too.  It's not that I just make the excuse that I'm pregnant, hey let me eat my food, yours, and the pantry full just because I can.  There are two kinds of sick when you get preggy.  One is "I'm so sick that I can't eat."  The other is, "I'm so sick that I HAVE to eat."  Hard to understand for those that can't eat, very so true for those that are in my boat rowing through oceans of french fries and spagetti.  I told my husband the other day, "I'm just so tired of eating."  Eat healthier?  I've tried that.  I dutifully cut up carrots and had low fat cottage cheese within easy reach in the refrigerator.  Did it work?  No.  I ate that, and then had to follow up with the fattening stuff to stretch out the relief from the hunger/sick/pukey feeling.  Somehow, fattening stuff = longer periods without sickness.  Go figure.  No pun intended.

Well, see you in about 45 lbs!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ok, so I just discovered that I made a HUGE typo in this post and have just corrected it. Totally embarrassed. Anyhow, correction made. Too embarrassed to tell you what it was, if you have not yet witnessed the error. I think I'm still red in the face.