Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homeschooling Adventure: Extra Curricular - Cooking

Titus 2:4 "That they may teach the young women..."

It's Extra Curricular Activities time again.  I've already posted about Iggy's Art and Japanese class sessions, so here is another one of the subjects that falls into this category.  Cooking!  I guess some call it home economics.  Either way, Iggy loves it.  She asks about helping out in the kitchen all the time.  Unfortunately, I can't always allow it because sometimes it involves using a knife or heat.  She's often very disappointed when she can't pitch in to help.  It's always a good thing when I announce that we will be learning to cook.  Our first class was all about making cookies.  I talked about washing our hands and using measuring cups.  Here's how it went.

We begin with an apron and a hearty thumbs up.

Here are our ingredients.

Watching them bake.  Mmmmm.

I think they are about done.

She's not to keen on the beaters.  She doesn't like the noise it makes and how it sometimes whirls a blob of cookie dough across the counter or at you.  Ha, ha.  Well, thanks for stopping by! See ya! : )
Extra Curricular - Cooking
Well, it's another Extra Curricular/Cooking day, but this time it's not about cooking necessarily.  We are learning about washing our vegetables (cleaning our food) before we eat them.  We were having potatoes that night sooooo, why not incorporate that into a lesson? 
I put the potatoes in a bowl of water and let them get their hands wet.  They washed and washed and loved every moment of it.  Go figure.  They saw how the water got dirty and how I had to put fresh water back in the bowl for them to wash them again.  We had those potatoes for supper so they got to see the result of the labor of their own hands.  It was a simple lesson, but effective and fun.  : )



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homeschooling Adventure: And Sometimes We Just Chill

"The Lord is my shepherd..."
This is such a comfort to me.

The school room is our daily bell ringin', ridged (well sorta) scheduled setting.   Sometimes, we just hang out in the room.  Not sure why.  We just end up there playing games with the kids, looking at books with them, or just talking about this and that.  I'd say it's because this is where my desk is located and I take care of business while the kids play with dad.  Then after I'm done documenting the last 'actual work done' for the day or preparing for the next day, I generally plop in the floor and join them.

Does anyone else do this too??? (hang out in your school room)

Daddy playing the new apple tree game that Mammie and Iggy made during their art class.

I think it's Iggy 2, Daddy 1

Another school day, after school! : )

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sift my Thrift: Ladies Meeting

Psalm 51:7

Purge me with hyssop , and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Our church has a Ladies Meeting every so often and generally one lady of the church will volunteer to take on the challenge of getting a meeting together.  This means to find a location, to get a devotion together, and then to figure out a food or dessert plan.  While we are together, the ladies take care of the business matters as well.  Most of the time, women will just say to bring something - pot luck, but on a small scale.  I can't believe it, but I volunteered.  I decided to host it at my house which meant, clean, Clean, CLEAN!  I told the ladies to bring something sweet.  I went ahead and had some sweets ready as well as a few, salty this and thats.  It was a bigger chore than I expected.  Wow, what a day!  When night came and all the ladies said their farewells, I was one big heap of tired!

I wish I had the mind to have taken photos of my display, but, alas I was too busy to think.  So, I just took a few after photos.  Some of the things were dismantled so I just took separate photos and hopefully you can put it all together in your head.  My theme was Laundy.  My speaker had prepared a "laundry themed devotion" that went right along with it.  She had an online devotion prepared, but in the middle of the night while she was trying to fall asleep, the Lord gave her her very own message, or His very own message which was still "Laundry themed."  I was really glad that He did.  Devotions are so much more meaningful when the Lord steps in and teaches heart messages. 

Here are some photos:

I used my ironing board as the display 'table'.
Some old fashioned clothes pins in a candle stick glass.  Homemade laundry soap in a jar with a scoop.  This is a bar of soap that my cousin made and gave to me.  I thought it went well with the theme.
I made these mini cupcakes out of a box mix and used a cake decorating tool to ice them with tub icing.  I also ended up making box brownies, and finger sandwiches, coffee, tea, and had some dip for chips.  Others brought fruit and more sweets. 
The flower at the bottom is actually an accessory shirt pin.  The little flowers were homemade by my mother in law.  They are called yo-yos.  I was supposed to sew them onto a pillowcase dress that she made for Iggy, but I just hadn't got to it yet.  : )


This sign was hanging on the right side of the white skirt by twine.  Just some fabric with a piece of paper with "Laundry" printed on it.  I scalloped the edges with craft scissors.  I got the frame at a yard sale this summer.

These photos were hanging on the left side by some twine as well.  Iggy was the model.  I tried to make the photos appear to be 40's 50's ish by adjusting the brightness and color.  Have you ever made any of these laundry faces before? 

Everything on my display was just things we had around the house.  I just tweaked/combined them a bit.  Affordable solution to decorating, Marsha style.  Ha, ha.  Actually, I did a lot of this kind of thing for my wedding.  It was an Asian inspired wedding, so I used a lot of things from my mother's home. 
 I didn't get to hear all of what our speaker talked about (I was in the other room typing up some laundry tips and trying to listen at the same time), but I did catch one part.  She said something like this, "Isn't it amazing that we have the hardest time getting the 'red' stain out of our clothes, but Jesus can take His red blood and wash us whiter than snow."  It's truely amazing that the Lord, the God of all life would see fit to give us, a flawed people, an opportunity to live with Him, to be with Him by sacrificing His own Son and His Son willing to do that freely.  That just amazes me. 

  Thanks for sifting my thrift!