About my Blog

About my Blog (In a nut shell):
1.  I need the Lord:  I need my Lord Jesus to help me in every aspect of my life, so it makes sense for me to wrap my posts in scripture.  Sometimes I add scripture because it ties in with what I'm learning in a particular post.  Sometimes I add it when it has nothing to do with the post, but I'm just 'feelin it'.

2.  Passing Info:  This blog is to help pass along some homeschool ideas to other homeschool moms and to possibly give some encouragement along the way.  In my own search to begin all things 'homeschool', I got a lot of help/ideas just by looking at other homeschool moms blogs.  I hope to return the favor.

3.  Including the Family:  This blog is a way for our own moms to get to see what's going on in their childrens', and more so, their grandbabies lives.  So if you're a homeschool mom and you see some non-homeschool stuff, you can now say, "Ohhhh ok, this must be for the moms."  : )


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