Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homeschooling Adventure - Extra Curricular - Baking with Jane

Titus 2:4 "That they may teach the young women..."

Jane is a household name in our church.  That said name belongs to a sweet, meek, quiet woman who bakes like nobody's business.  She has made so many wedding, birthday, special events cakes I couldn't even count.  Everyone loves her cakes.  They are masterpieces. 

Jane made a birthday cake for Iggy out of a Cinderella Barbie doll.  The dress was, well, perfect.  Iggy could not believe it was a cake.  She masterfully swirled and tucked the dress with ribbons and fabric made out of fondant.  It was beautiful!  We told Jane how Iggy responded to her cake, and Jane graciously offered to teach Iggy how to decorate a princess cake for home economics.  Wow!  Cool!  I signed up for it immediately. 

Jane came with her cake partially prepared and let Iggy decorate.  Oh, and Inky too.  : )
Here's our day Baking with Jane!

Jane showing Iggy the baking mold for the dress.

Iggy rolling out the fondant.

Iggy using shapes to cut out flowers.


Jane showed Iggy that if she put icing on the back of the fondant, it would stick to the cake.

Jane cutting the fondant ribbons.


Iggy trimming the dress with icing.


Jane made a second cake for Iggy's Pappy's birthday that Iggy and Inky got to decorate.
Iggy is squeezing out a clown.

Inky's addition.

And the cakes are dressed!  Success!
I'm so thankful for this opportunity for Iggy.  Jane took so much time in baking the cakes and bringing the materials for the girls to use in decorating the cakes.  Iggy loves baking.  She pretends all the time.  She didn't have to pretend on this day.  Jane brought her the real thing.  What an experience!  Thanks Jane!!!!!
I hope to add some photos of Jane's actual Cinderella cake that she made for Iggy's birthday party so you can see her talent for yourself.  Also, not only does she work with fondant, but she uses icing to make the most life-like flowers you will ever see!  Sometimes you have to get down really close to see if the flowers are real or not!
Thanks for reading! : )
Here are the added photos of Jane's actual Cinderella Cake



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