Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homeschooling Adventure: Extra Curricular - Cooking

Titus 2:4 "That they may teach the young women..."

It's Extra Curricular Activities time again.  I've already posted about Iggy's Art and Japanese class sessions, so here is another one of the subjects that falls into this category.  Cooking!  I guess some call it home economics.  Either way, Iggy loves it.  She asks about helping out in the kitchen all the time.  Unfortunately, I can't always allow it because sometimes it involves using a knife or heat.  She's often very disappointed when she can't pitch in to help.  It's always a good thing when I announce that we will be learning to cook.  Our first class was all about making cookies.  I talked about washing our hands and using measuring cups.  Here's how it went.

We begin with an apron and a hearty thumbs up.

Here are our ingredients.

Watching them bake.  Mmmmm.

I think they are about done.

She's not to keen on the beaters.  She doesn't like the noise it makes and how it sometimes whirls a blob of cookie dough across the counter or at you.  Ha, ha.  Well, thanks for stopping by! See ya! : )
Extra Curricular - Cooking
Well, it's another Extra Curricular/Cooking day, but this time it's not about cooking necessarily.  We are learning about washing our vegetables (cleaning our food) before we eat them.  We were having potatoes that night sooooo, why not incorporate that into a lesson? 
I put the potatoes in a bowl of water and let them get their hands wet.  They washed and washed and loved every moment of it.  Go figure.  They saw how the water got dirty and how I had to put fresh water back in the bowl for them to wash them again.  We had those potatoes for supper so they got to see the result of the labor of their own hands.  It was a simple lesson, but effective and fun.  : )




  1. I like your ideas and fun lessons- you are such a creative mom!

  2. That's so funny Anna. The reason I do these things is because I've learned it from a neat family that lives down the road. Hey that's you guys! : ) My mom has said to me over and over again, "I should have taught you like Netta did her girls." So now, I'm trying to teach mine.
    So, in short, thanks Netta and girls for the great ideas! : )