Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homeschooling Adventure: And Sometimes We Just Chill

"The Lord is my shepherd..."
This is such a comfort to me.

The school room is our daily bell ringin', ridged (well sorta) scheduled setting.   Sometimes, we just hang out in the room.  Not sure why.  We just end up there playing games with the kids, looking at books with them, or just talking about this and that.  I'd say it's because this is where my desk is located and I take care of business while the kids play with dad.  Then after I'm done documenting the last 'actual work done' for the day or preparing for the next day, I generally plop in the floor and join them.

Does anyone else do this too??? (hang out in your school room)

Daddy playing the new apple tree game that Mammie and Iggy made during their art class.

I think it's Iggy 2, Daddy 1

Another school day, after school! : )

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