Monday, August 20, 2012

Homeschooling Adventure: Buy! Sell!

Proverbs 31:16
"She considereth a field, and buyeth it..."

I want to teach Iggy the value in money and how to evaluate the worth of it versus the worth of what can be bought with it.  I want her to learn to spend wisely, to consider her purchase, to be less impulsive when it comes to spending.  I understand that 'loving' money can be a bad thing, so I don't want her to be obsessed with it, just thoughtful about how she uses it. 

So, about the title.  No, we're not talking stock market.  I'm actually discussing our little store, our 7/11, our very own piggly wiggly that resides in my closet.  I began a system to try and keep Iggy on her toes when it comes to being on time for class.  I also, want to teach her about buying and using money.  So she is able to earn these 'Bean Tickets' (little northern beans with a black dot marked on them).  She gets one per day that she is on time.  That's it.

Today marks the very first day that Iggy spent her Bean Tickets and bought something.  Ok, so I caved in on her third day and let her pick something out without having to spend her tickets, But that was IT.  No more melty mom after that.  She MUST earn her treasures in her efforts at being on time for class (if I can keep those puppy dog eyes from drawing me in again).  As a side note, she didn't ask for something free.  I just saw how she kept eyeing the buckets of treats, and felt that 'proud of her for not asking/wish I could just give her a break' sorta feelings and then gave her a 'begining of the year' freebie. 

No, but seriously, she must now earn them and has.  She saved up 10 Bean Tickets so she could get the biggest 'thing'.  It was a mesh bag filled with plastic food, and mini tableware.  Well, and also a piece of candy that I attached to it a couple of days before she was going to buy it.  Okay, okay, melty mom had a weak moment, BUT she did wait and wait for it.  She passed up the 3 Bean Ticket bucket that had some candy and things and kept saving her beans.  She also passed up the 5 Bean Ticket bucket that had better candy and better things in it and kept on saving her beans.  She had her sites set on the 10 Bean Ticket prize!  The dollar Tree is wonderful by the way.  So now she is beanless, but so liking her new digs.  That is, her new cooking things digs, if I can call it that.  One happy girl = one happy mom.


The now empty Bean Ticket Container after she cashed in all 10 of her Tickets.

Inky gets to earn them too, though I do all the 'getting her ready for class' duties for her and have to remind her like a 1,000 times to be in her seat before the bell rings.

I'm proud of her for being able to resist the immediate satisfaction of 'candy now' in order to get something that she really wanted later by saving her 'money'.

Time to start earning more Bean Tickets.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do you have a Bean Ticket system of your own?  I'd love to hear about it!

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