Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sift my Thrift - Wooden Blocks @ $1.49

I love the Peddler's Mall.  It's a conglomeration of booth after booth of used and new items.  I generally shoot for the vintage/old stuff.  Great finds are really fun.  Today I went to try and find myself some teaching shirts.  Yeah, I know.  A post for another day perhaps.  Anyhow, I ended up spying this booth that had this and thats taped up in plasitc ziplock baggies and priced very low.  I first picked up a pack of men's white tshirts, but I couldn't count how many were in the package in order to see if it was a good deal or not.  Then I picked one up that had a draw string pouch in it.  I felt the baggy because it was taped completely shut and it seemed that there were blocks in it.  $1.49 was the price so I took the plunge.  After I was in the car, I opened the baggy up and found some wonderful little blocks that would be a great learning tool (ie: distraction) for Inky while schooling her older sister! 

So, if you don't mind used old toys, the Peddler's Mall is the place for you.

Well here's a photo.  I love toys with natural elements like wood.

Love these prices.

The girls enjoying their new/old blocks

I just looked up the company Guide Craft (written on the draw string bag) and found the same item for $30.00.  My set is only missing 3 out of the 20 blocks/tiles so along with the fact that the girls really like them, I think it really was a good deal.   : )

Thanks for sifting through the latest thrift!

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