Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introduction: & Crazy Weather for Flying

My parents have been in Alaska for 2 weeks visiting my sister, brother in law and their two grandchildren.  We have been going through withdrawl.  My husband and I are really close to both our parents and when one is out of state, we feel it.  So it's about time to pick them up from the airport and its storming and raining.  In fact, my husband has been trying to pull some loose limbs out of a large tree in our backyard unsuccessfully and one of those limbs just dropped from the tree from the wind. 

Anyhow, the kids made my parents a Welcome Home sign (well, I wrote it and they colored it).  My oldest is super excited about going to the airport.  They love watching the planes land and take off.  Seriously, when we dropped my parents off,  I had to keep reminding them to quit being too loud as they ate some Burger King and squealed at the planes out the window.  The people around us (some of them anyway) were chuckling, but if I could only read their minds.  The highlight though is the moving walkway.  Today we bumped into a church friend at the market and Iggy wouldn't stop talking about it.  I tried to distract her from the conversation because she went on and on and then some about that moving walkway - for a very long time. 

Introduction part:  Here is a first glimpse of my two baby girls on my sorta new blogsite, on my newly painted porch (another post sometime) ready for our airport trip.  Iggy's on the right and Inky's on the left.

The colorful sign.  Papaw is the norm for Grandfather around these parts.  Ba though is a shortened version of Grandmother in Japanese (my mother is Okinawan).

The sign on display.

See ya'll later!!!!

Back again from the airport.  Scored me an Alaskan blanket, some Alaskan socks, and two Alaska themed childrens books that will find their way on our school room book shelf (gifts from mom and dad).  My sister also bakes artisan bread (I'm not sure where she gets the time for it, as she is a nurse anesthesist - don't spell check that btw - and is never home for long).  Mom and dad had some leftover and I plan on eating it with the girls tomorrow.  One is filled with fruit and the other meat and veggies.  Yum! 

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