Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sift my Thrift - Oh, those shoes!

We have one of those basement garages.  You know the kind where when you come home from the grocery, you have to lug like 1,000 bags up the stairs to your main level.  Yep that kind.  Wellllllll, our backyard comes straight off our main level, so anytime the girls want to go out and play on their swing set, dowwwwwn the stairs we go to grab the shoes, and uuuuuup the stairs we go to exit through the main level back door.  The solution?  Just pile up the shoes on the main floor.  Pile them under curtains, in the bathroom, on the freshly vacuumed area rug.  You get the picture.  And then once they are piled up on the main floor, and you're down the stairs and about to enter the garage, then you suddenly need just THAT pair that is back up on the main floor. 

Trying to stick to a tight homeschooling schedule this fall (keeping cleaning the house on the schedule as well), I thought, I need a shoe system to resolve my shoe woes.  Hubby, Inky, Iggy and I piled in the car to get/make us a shoe storage box for upstairs to house just 1 PAIR EACH for those back yard excursions.  Where did we end up?  Well, why not at the Peddler's Mall where I find just about anything interesting/old/cheap?  So we decided on getting an old wooden Pepsi crate and then hopped on over to Lowes for some casters.  Hopefully, soon I'll be posting pics of my new/old shoe box to make all my shoe blues disapear forever.  Yeah right.  Someone hold me back if ever I find more than 4 pairs of shoes in that box!  Just kidding,  The Peddler's Mall is just waiting for me to come back, buy another old wooden box and build me an overflow shoe box for my shoe box.

Until then.....

Well time flies on a blog post.  Here are some photos of the crate before operation begins to attach the casters.

Photos of the 'new' shoe box soon, hopefully.

And here it is...

 Hubby putting the casters on. 

 Two down, two more to go!

And here it is in it's new spot by our kitchen cabinets close to the door.

Flip flops stowed safely, neatly away.  For now.

Thanks for watching! : )

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