Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sift My Thrift - The little BIG Reno Part 2

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Adding a Room but not Square Footage (cont.):

Ok, so here where we are:

Demo - check
Electrical - check
Plumbing - check
Insulation - check
Walls built - check
Drywall - check
Walls painted - check
Tile work - check
Wood flooring - check
Doors and Trim - not yet
Paint and install kitchen cabinet uppers in bathroom and room niche for extra storage - not yet
Move in - Sigh

We were originally going to just put wood down in the new multipurpose space and then put the old carpet back down in the smaller master area.  At the price that we were getting the 'cull' grade wood, we decided to just chuck the carpet idea (which we would have had to pay a price to have it reinstalled) for the master area.  So we put wood down in both areas.  The deal with cull grade wood is that it is the bottom of the barrel, if it were any worse it would be good for only wood chips wood.  So you have to pick through it and strategically place each piece (good pieces in view, bad pieces in closets and such).  Then you putty all the knot holes and cracks, sand, then poly, then lightly hand sand, poly, lightly hand sand again, then put a final coat of poly.  Done.  Sounds fast and easy in print, but not so.  Actually, it ends up being a very pretty floor with a lot of great character - just a lot of work.  Here it is laid.

Here is the nursery/multipurpose room floor completed.

 Here is our master bedroom floor looking from the living area into the room.

 Here is the master bath almost finished.  The tile and paint are done.  We just need to assemble, paint and trim the cabinet for storage.  We used some discounted kitchen cabinet uppers stacked since we are working with a very narrow space.  You can only barely see one the cabinets in the floor in this photo.  We will be adding legs to it and trimming it out as well. The box in the floor is our glass door that is going from the dining area into the nursery/multipurpose space.

Here is the closet niche???  Opposite of it is one of our master closets (very small).  We have one more closet to match its smallness in the main part of the master bedroom.  I knew we would be losing quite a bit of our closet space in the reno so my solution was to include a niche of sorts so we could use it somehow as closet storage.  We decided again to use the discounted kitchen cabinet uppers stacked to accomplish this. We plan to stack them 3 high,  I had a 14 inch niche to work with and the cabinets are 13 inches deep including the doors, so whew!  I know they are narrow so they'll be used for folded jeans, shirts, skirts, night clothes and such.  We are going to paint them white and trim it out to look built in.

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