Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sift My Thrift - The Little BIG Reno Part 1

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Adding a Room but not Square Footage

I was talking earlier about our recent renovation project (adding another room).  I guess I'll continue the discussion here.  This project all came about because we needed another room for either A) The Baby, or B) A classroom if we give the baby the current classroom.  Then later when the children no longer need a classroom, we can have a dedicated office.  It was just an incey wincey lil' ole project.  It was just adding another wall and a door right?  Wrongo. Wow, we have been sleeping in the old dining room for I don't know how long now.  I'm kinda getting used to it.  Kinda. 

There's nothing like dining room overhead lighting and the front door to say, "Top of the mornin' to ya!" 

The baby's crib is at our feet.  Our clothes and room things are scattered about around the house.  This little ole reno has become quite the BIG project.  I am very proud of my husband who has taken on this endeavor.  I am surprised at what he knows how to do, not being one trained in carpentry.  Are men just born that way?  I was in the 'Facilities' department where I used to work.  It took a lot of questions and curiosity on my part to get a good grasp on 'manly know-how'.  And now that I've been a stay at home mom for some time, I have forgotten much of it.  He has also had such great and very appreciated help from his uncle and cousins who are carpenters.  It brings a lot of peace of mind to the whole thing.

Next?  Finish wiring for electric and speakers.  Then, our tub needs to be put in place.  Then, FINALLY, drywall.  Can't wait for this step.

In the meantime, I 
  1. scour through craigslist for cabinets to put together and paint to make some storage for the bathroom and for a niche in our closet area.  
  2. have to look around for the best deals on lighting.     
  3. pick out paint for our bedroom, bathroom and the new room
  4. pick out tile for the bathroom
  5. keep in the back of my mind that we sold our dining table set and need to look for a replacement sometime.
Side note: I am primarily blogging about this because when I went to search the internet about such projects, I could find, well, just about nothing on the subject of adding another room, but not more square footage since we were merely cutting back on our master bedroom and bath to make the extra room.  So this is just something for someone out there who is searching for someone who has done this before.  Boy that was a tongue twister!  I might just pin this on pinterest just to get it out there.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't think this is just such a spectacular thing that everyone wants to know about it.  I just remember how frustrated I was not to be able to find anyone who could provide pictures and details about their own similar reno.  How many times have I searched the internet for ideas and gleaned so its about time I helped someone else.

Thanks for reading!  

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