Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ok, so I'm watching my first homemade bread

I have this family member who is soooo skilled at just about everything culinary.  She is young but wise when it comes to making the perfect loaf of bread, pan of cookies, and so on.  Well, I asked her for her recipe for homemade bread and I just tried it out.  It's is currently (hopefully) rising.  My 4 year old daughter helped me too.  Along with her help came the inevitable 4 year old questions.  "Mommy, why did you throw away the first one?, Why did you put it in the trash?"  I guess that sums up how my first attempt came and went.  Well, I started all over again and this time it looks like we might achieve success.  I hope my husband likes it, or that it's even edible quite frankly.  I've told myself over and over, "Go make some bread.  You can do it!  Why aren't you making that bread recipe?  When will you ever try out her bread???"  So today, I've tried it.  Looks like its doing its thing.

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