Sunday, May 20, 2012

Set Back on the School Room

I'm back and not at all happy about our homeschool room situation.  Long story short, my husband drilled a hole in the wall of my school room and ended up puncturing some internal electrical wires.  Now, we have a dish sized hole in the wall where he had to open it up and see what to do next.

Short story long:  I've had to think think think about how to turn a small ex-bedroom into a school room.  I wanted to make sure I made the most of my floor space so I bought an ikea drop leaf table (that drops completely flat to the wall) for my desk.  When I'm not using it, I can drop it down to maximize the space in the room.  I also have a folding chair (also from ikea) to go along with it.  I wanted a chalkoard and hubby wanted a dry erase board.  Solution?  Get both.  I ended up getting a free wipe board from the 'discardables' section belonging to the board of education.  Yes!  I then found a super big, super cheap chalkboard on craigslist.  Yes! Yes!  After looking at several of the library walls on the internet, we made one of our own (which was the main cause for the electrical issue).  We also got some wall rails and rail cups for crayons, markers, etc from yet again Ikea.  Um lets see.  Oh yeah, we got two schoolroom desks from a good friend from church for free!  I'm just really thankful that the Lord has provided these wonderful items for our room.  I'll try and post some photos; however, currently there is no electricity so I can't turn on the lights in order to do so.  A task for a later date.  Good night!

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